• Analyzing Data and Trends

    We analyze data and trends over time and then review of programs and services objectively.

  • Durham County is a Progressive Community

    A community steeped in culture with viable business, research, medical and industrial bases.

  • Making Change

    We can't have a business-as-usual mindset while addressing social and economic challenges.

  • What Gets Measured Gets Done

    MFR is driven by continuous measurement and the analysis of outcomes.

  • Encouraging Innovation

    Innovation creates opportunities to help develop solutions to major and minor community issues.

  • Strengthening Leadership Through Collaboration

    Collaborative leadership, exceptional customer svc, innovation, transparency & fiscal responsibility.

  • Managing for Results

    the engine to power us to the destination

  • Strategic Plan

    a map to get us to our desired destination

Goal Areas

Managing For Results

  • Computers 4 Kids

    Computers 4 Kids

    Durham County replaces computers, laptops, and tablets every four years rotating between departments from year to year. Could you imagine these devices (almost1,800) going to waste? They don’t!

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  • Misdemeanor Diversion Program

    Misdemeanor Diversion Program

    The Durham County Misdemeanor Program (MDP) is a 90 day diversion program that seeks to avoid a first arrest for many low-risk youth in Durham County, keeping youth out of the adult criminal system.

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