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As Durham County peers into the future, one thing is evident: we cannot have a business-as-usual mindset if we want to create a new paradigm for addressing modern-day social and economic challenges. Poverty, crime, disconnected youth, unemployment, workforce development, educational achievement, good health, and a sustainable environment are all challenges and opportunities that will require deliberate strategies that are carefully managed, planned, measured, and evaluated. Such efforts are consistent with the creation of a Managing for Results (MFR) model.

MFR is driven by continuous measurement and the analysis of outcomes. Durham County understands measurement is powerful: what gets measured gets done; if you don’t measure results, you can’t tell success from failure; if you can’t recognize failure, you can’t correct it. The MFR system provides the framework to establish performance measures, analyze said measures, and make necessary ongoing improvements to deliver quality services and programs to the residents of Durham County.